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X2 is its own game, then came X3 Reunion, which had a new engine and more improvements (though it removed ship cockpits, but i dont care). After that they made Terran Conflict, same engine as X3, more features, added terran stuff. Ap escelated the terran conflict, added war, more ships etcetc. I’ve been playing x3: Terran conflict for a few weeks now as a trader. Even though I really like the game. I want to have some of the new features available in Albion prelude. I checked some forum posts when I started playing the game, and most people recommended starting with TC until you know more about the game. A beginner's guide The basics of trading Trading is when you buy a good or goods from a station, then take them somewhere else and sell them for a higher price. The amount of profit you will make depends on the amount of goods and the price you can sell them for. Bartering Guide A quick guide that covers an area of trading which i did not. X3TC For Dummies A guide very much comparable to this one made for Terran Conflict. It covers mostly the same areas as this one. It does have detailed info about the races, and a comparable but shorter (and simpler) trading guide. General: Missions come in five varieties in X3 Terran Conflict; TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK, and Plot. Plot is not officially a type, but is instead a mixture of the others that follows the main Terran Conflict story line. I will be concentrating on TRADE and THINK in this section and will address BUILD in the next.

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X3: Terran Conflict Guide Part 10: Sector Traders

Today we'll be traveling again in order to make a boatload of money! At the moment the game will seem very much dependent on traveling a lot. And while this ... X3: Terran Conflict Guide Waervyn's World; 13 videos; 72,223 views; Last updated on Jun 8, 2015; ... Terran Conflict Guide Part 3: Navigation & Trading by Waervyn's World. 13:11. X3: Terran ... TIme to check out an older game - X3 Terran Conflict (X3TC), with the upcoming release of X4 Foundations! Forum post mentioned: Today we will be doing missions, which are made easier by our amazing jumpdrive. Missions are used for gaining money and reputation, as well as for having a good time in general :) Intro song ... Time to head towards our first automatic sector trader, with a few missions for reputation, and our first little cargo ship!